Twelve years ago, David and Sam, two brothers in their early 20s, came to New York City with a dream, a dream of success, a dream to achieve a stable, prosperous life.

In just three years, the brothers were able to establish their own produce wholesaling and distributing company, Fadaro, dedicated to quality service and to the achievement of their dreams of success. In order to make their dreams a reality, they worked hard day and night, handling all aspects of their business, from operations, to sales, from negotiating deals to delivering orders.

Armed with a passion and promise to deliver the best quality service, and with a vision to customize orders to each client’s specific needs, irrespective of their size or type of business, the brothers built Fadaro’s reputation as one that can deliver beyond your expectations.

Shortly after, Fadaro became known among the most renowned and esteemed Chefs and Restaurateurs throughout New York City as a company unrivaled in service quality. Many reputable chefs praised them for their personalized attention to each individual client’s daily order, specific needs, and requirements. By delivering high quality service on each and every order, David and Sam quickly saw their company thrive and prosper.

David and Sam possessed the experience and the determination to start their own business, but they were still missing a unique name to brand the company and differentiate it from the rest. After long nights of brainstorming, the brothers were taken back to the place that instilled in them their values, and helped shape the aim, mission, and spirit of their new business. They went back to their roots, and chose Fadaro, the name of the town in which they grew up. Fadaro was a place where David and Sam learned about quality, dedication, ambition, and hard work. It was a place that taught them to refuse to settle for anything but the best, and a place where they learned the difference between what you get and what you deserve. Fadaro believes its clients deserve only the best. This is Fadaro’s heritage and work culture, and this is what every member of the Fadaro family lives by.​



Life is a constant learning experience, with tremendous room for growth and improvement. At Fadaro, how to serve our clients better has always been our drive, and how to satisfy their evolving needs has always been our top priority.

At Fadaro, we believe that our customers always deserve the best. Therefore, we improve our service every single day. Whether by exploring techniques to overcome arising challenges in a very dynamic market, or by supporting and accommodating chefs and restaurateurs’ new ideas and visions, Fadaro’s team is always ready and willing to go the extra mile to customize each client’s experience. Our main goal is to deliver beyond your expectations, and our dedicated account managers will work hand in hand with you every step of the way to ensure that goal is met.

The Environment & Our Fleet​

As part of the fresh produce supply chain, Fadaro realizes that resources are limited. To continue getting the very best from our natural resources, we need to give back. Fadaro is engaged in updating its fleet with ecologically friendly refrigerated trucks with ultra-low emission refrigeration systems. With global warming, climate change, and other environmental topics on the forefront of current issues, Fadaro wants to do its part to protect the environment. It is our responsibility today to leave a clean and healthy environment for our children and future generations.​


They say: “You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with.” At Fadaro, we are proud to be surrounded by the very best in the business. Our team of hard-working and persistent individuals is the key to our success. Every person in every role is highly engaged, trained and dedicated to deliver the perfect experience.
Fadaro prides itself on superior customer service, and its team of experienced individuals is constantly exceeding clients’ expectations.​

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